Welcome to Devaka Cooray's Web Site

Devaka Cooray is a Sri Lankan JavaEE developer and enterprise architect. Throughout his extensive career in Java development, Devaka has been involved with networking, mathematics, and distributed systems as well as computational science and engineering. After joining with JavaRanch, he was invited to join the staff of JavaRanch in 2010, due to his level of expertise and helpfulness. Devaka is also known as the author of ExamLab, which is a popular exam simulation software of SCJP.

Devaka owns SCJP, SCWCD, and SCBCD certifications with his 2004 Diploma of Computer Programming. He is currently focusing on various JavaEE related projects specializing in EJB 3.0, Web Services, Struts, JPA and many other frameworks. While being an undergraduate of a computer science degree from the University of Moratuwa, he is looking forward in learning more stuff of computing - basically on Java technology :-)